• mesta chios houseMesta, almost untouched by the centuries, is the best-preserved medieval fortified village (14th - 15th century) retaining its original historical fortress character.

    A stroll around its labyrinthine cobblestone alleys, leading to post-Byzantine churches and outer turrets, will amply demonstrate the reason for its designation as a national heritage site.

    Its unique architecture is the primary attraction.
    The entire village was designed and built as a maze, its stone houses tightly bound together, communicating by means of very narrow covered alleys, the "tholi" (vaults), forming a compact structure (a fortress wall) for protection against pirate raids.



    Mesta is in the southern part of Chios in the region of the Mastihohoria, the Mastic Villages, where mastic is produced, 35 km southwest of the town of Chios. At a very short distance is the quiet harbor of Mesta to which there is a twice-weekly boat service to and from Psara and Lavrio (near Athens). This service has lower fares than the daily service from Piraeus, which calls at the port of Chios.
     Apart from that, the harbor of Mesta is a good destination for those seeking fresh fish and ouzo at one of its quaint little taverns.


    At a short distance are some of the loveliest beaches of the island.
    The best-known beaches of Mesta, Avlonia and Apothika, surrounded by wild rocky scenery and with crystal clear water, will fulfill your every wish for carefree relaxation. In the neighboring village, at a distance of 6km, you will find Agia Dinami, a stunning beach of white sand and exotically aquamarine waters.

    Finally, a must-see is the beach that is one of the most famous sights on the island, Mavra Volia, at a distance of 13km from Mesta, which, as indicated by its name, is covered in black pebbles, the result of a volcanic eruption in prehistoric times.
    Specifically there are three beaches, one after the other, all by the same name and with crystal clear deep waters of a dark blue color due to the black pebbles.

    Getting here

    There is a direct boat service from the port of Lavrio to Mesta, with considerably lower fares if you book a return ticket. For more information, visit www.nel.gr)

    Alternatively, if you come by plane or from the central port of Chios town, the main road, adequately signposted will lead you to Mesta without difficulty.

    Contact us for clarifications.


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  • muloi

    The island of Chios will surprise you pleasantly at every step. Its land, fertile and dissimilar in its various aspects, with great geographical variation between the central, north and south parts, enabled the inhabitants to develop different living conditions even from one village to the next.  Thus in every village and at no great distances between them, depending on the terrain, climate and distance from the sea, we encounter different crops being cultivated, different types of dwellings, different architecture, different dialects, even different dances and customs.

    A trip to Chios is an unforgettable experience. Chios is versatile and unpredictable. With numerous beautiful beaches, stone-built old mansions, Byzantine churches and medieval villages. With quaint little seaside villages, or others perched on the rocks of jagged mountainsides. Sweet-scented Chios with its small taverns serving delicious local delicacies and with its hospitable people. One minute you think you are on an ordinary Aegean island, the next in the fortress of Mistras. Walking around the village cobblestone streets you half expect to see pirates suddenly appearing before you from the past.

    Chios, the fifth largest island in the Aegean, is lovely, unique, pleasant and unforgettable! With its mastic to be found nowhere else, its famous aromatic tangerines, its tradition, the scent of jasmine and lemon blossoms, it will excite and surprise you!

    Spend a few days getting to know it. It's worth it!



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