Mastic of Chios
Mastic Village. Mesta Chios narrow streets


At the square of Mesta and around it, are three taverns, one doughnut shop, a modern wine-bar, three coffee houses, and five souvenir stores. Traditional bread and handmade preparations are also available, provided by local residents who use raw materials of their own production.
Apart from the castle-village of Mesta itself, visitors can also visit a small museum and two post-Byzantine churches dedicated to archangels Michael and Gabriel: a wood-carved single-aisled basilica that was extended to a double-aisled (Palaios Taxiarchis), and a large church (Megalos Taxiarhis), built in the place of the largest tower on the island, which is characterized by many oblations.
In the square of the small settlement of only 300 permanent residents, traditional festivals with music, food and drink, as well as various other festivals are organized throughout the year, and even more in the summer.


Narrow streets of Mesta Chios village

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Mastic of Chios


The only place in the world where mastic grows!

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