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The accommodation in Mesta you will fall in love with!

Lida Mesta Apartments & Mary Mesta Apartments: The accommodations in Mesta you will fall in love with!

It was discovered by Sotiris and Mary about 30 years ago, a couple who so much fell in love with it, that they decided to transform some rooms, into more comfortable and hospitable accommodations for other romantic guests to get to visit the place! And so Apartments: Lida Mesta & Mary Mesta, also known as Lida Mary, were created, the first accommodation ever to be created by a private individual at Mesta! Nowadays, Lida Mary is headed by their son, Tasos, who has put his own personal touch in the decoration and the furnishing of the rooms.

1 of 10 best accommodations in Greece

The medieval architecture of the settlement, the unique decoration of the rooms and, above all, the service provided by Tasos, have classified Lida Mary in 1 of the 10 best accommodations – in its category – in Greece, on Tripadvisor for 2016 and at the Times of London, for 2017. Characteristic and unique in the settlement, it is also the modern wine-bar of Lida Mary, featuring special cocktails as well as beers and wines selected by a sommelier.

Spaces made out of stone and wood, with particular aesthetics and history

The 8 rooms of the accommodation are located on the first floor of 4 different residencies distributed in the center of the settlement. Being fully harmonized with their original architecture, they feature all the modern comforts, facing the alleys, or the square of the settlement. The interior is open plan, while there is also a loft in every room; the ceilings are vaulted, on the walls are found openings for storing things, and in front of the windows stand the “gossip girls”, two facing each other stone seats that once served the observers.

 Feel welcomed as a guest

The settlement, which is inhabited by only 300 permanent residents, has 2 taverns within and 2 nearby restaurants, a souvenir shop, a small museum and two post-Byzantine churches dedicated to the archangels Michael and Gabriel. During the whole year, and even more in the summer, traditional festivals with music, food and, drink, as well various other festivals are organized at the square of the settlement. Local residents also offer bead and various handmade preparations for visitors to purchase.

A castle village that brings the story to life

When castles are not revived in fairy tales, they can revive the fairy tale per se; medieval and pirated, in this case, with an atmosphere that travels you back to the 14th century. It is since then, that Mesta settlement exists, retained “nestled” in a castle!

Mesta: The new tourist destination worth exploring

Surrounded by walls, with characteristic stone houses embraced by labyrinthine alleys, Mesta is the next tourist destination to discover! To the south of Chios, where the mastic trees are grown, and within walking distance of the port of Mesta, this protected settlement is like a time machine that travels you back to a long past era.

*Lida Mary is an easy way to connect two seperate accommodations in Mesta (both owned by Tasos Tsekouras): Lida Mesta Apartments and Mary Mesta Apartments in order to provide gathered information

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